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Gallery collection

The collection in the gallery contains over 260 art works made in different techniques like oil on canvass, pastel, water-colour, print and sculpture. The entire collection provides a nucleus for the development of gallery activity. From the content point of view, the collection of art works represents the visual and artistic expression of 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. The majority of works originated from donations in the 1980s and from the town of Knin in 2014. The Museum buys new works according to its financial possibilities and participates in actions aiming at promotion of cultural activities, auctions and the like.

The Bauer collection holds an important place in the entire collection.

High quality exhibition space needs to be emphasized. It is listed on the list of reputable exhibition spaces in the Republic of Croatia according to the records of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists.

Head of collection and Department:

Ivana Mikulić-Sarić, curator

Contact: +385 91 602 1049

Ivana Mikulić - Sarić

No more work to show